What I’m doing now (October 2022)


My kids are 16 and 17. Summer was busy but good. Now my daughter is a senior and we're already doing so many senior kinds of things. Turns out this ‘victory lap’ is more for wrapping up her public education and preparing for next steps than it is about classes. Little Bub is a sophomore. His head is still steeped in Debate, and he’s in Pre-med Club.


After being bounced around a little bit, I ended up working summer school in the Autism Room at our high school. I had a very satisfying experience with one kid in particular. We made a lot of progress with him.


This semester I started out in a teaching position for (remember, I have no background in education!) both Special Ed and Gifted in a middle school. When they found a certified teacher to take my place, they ended up moving people around and divided those kids between two certified staff. No wonder I felt overwhelmed. Now I am back at our high school working with many of the kids I had last semester, this time as a para-educator.


I’ve already lived many stories through my journey inside the schools. The underlying theme is: Our public education system is a mess. I still don’t know which direction to go for the remainder of my working years, but now I’m wondering if education administration would be interesting, and a way to initiate change.


Or …  I just keep working part-time jobs which may allow me to do more creative work and open that sewing school (my cover for an unofficial art therapy practice).


Anyway, I hope you’re well. Drop me a line,