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What I’m doing now (January 2022)


My kids are now 15 and 17. We made it to the second semester and are still in-person at school! Although, the situation is hanging by a thread because of teacher and student absences, and lack of substitutes.


Which leads me to my next news …


Last you heard I was looking for a job again because my temporary gig at Hallmark ended. 

Well, I came up with a plan and am now executing it!


Before the end of last year I jumped through all the hoops to become an emergency substitute teacher. I ended up with a semester-long assignment as a paraeducator in a room for emotionally disturbed children, mostly 6th-grade boys. It’s interesting work, and challenging in ways that I hadn’t expected.


Meanwhile …  I am also working towards a professional certificate in UX design on Coursera! I’m only three weeks in, but I’m really excited about it so far. It looks like just the kind of work I’d like to do, and most of the jobs I have seen work remotely.


Working from home has always appealed to me because I don’t like choosing outfits in the morning; I don’t like packing a lunch; I hate leaving my dog behind every day; and I won’t commute out-of-town, which limits job opportunities.


So fingers crossed this plan works out or at least leads me somewhere. As we have all learned by now, Life will happen.


xx ddw