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What I’m doing now (February 2023)


My kids are 16 and 18. We are sliding quickly into graduation, and needing to get the sophomore a car.


BIG NEWS! After a 2.5-year search for a full-time regular job (and career direction) I am starting a new position tomorrow morning. That’s right––the morning after the Kansas City Chiefs just won Super Bowl LVII. (Fireworks outside my window now. Dog cowering next to me.)


I will be working at a local mental health crisis center that’s about to open up. I’m really excited for my training. I’ve always been interested in psychology. If all goes well, I plan to get a master’s degree in Art Therapy, Counseling Psychology, or Social Work. This has been quite the journey, so I’m feeling it out as I go along.


I already miss my high school students terribly. I’m still very passionate about education and working with kids. I hope to get back to that, even if it’s just volunteering.


I hope this finds you well. Please drop me a line,

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