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What I’m doing now (March 2024)


My kids are 17 and 19. The big one is back home from her L.A. adventure and is dabbling in jobs while she plans her next one. The younger one is muscling through the last couple months of his Junior year: Forensics, three bands, and 3 AP classes.


I’m still loving my job in transitional housing at our local community mental health center. I feel like I’m hitting my stride. It’s an almost perfect job except for the hell of writing service notes!


I have applied to two schools in an attempt to get a Master’s of Social Work.

I’m still working on my ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy) workbook. It got set aside for a minute while I was working on my school applications.  It’s a “third wave” therapy recommended by my therapist. I am attracted to it because it looks like it has a heavy time-management component. One of my biggest challenges, for sure.

I hope this finds you well. Please drop me a line,

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