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What I’m doing now (August 2023)


My kids are 16 and 18. The big one has graduated! She decided to take a gap year and, while she works full-time mowing and caring for a local golf course, she is teaching herself about business and online marketing. The “little” one is a junior this year and is excited about the coming debate season!

I’ve been working at our new mental health crisis center as a Behavioral Health Specialist since February. It’s been super interesting––and not quite what I expected. I’m finding that I miss engaging with people over longer periods of time, so I’m looking to transfer to another program within our larger community health center.

I have my usual struggles with not finding enough time for creative pursuits. Let me know if you have any good comments, tips, or ideas related to this.

In May my furnace went out and I had an emergency appendectomy within a one-week span, so I'll be paying on those for a while!


I hope this finds you well. Please drop me a line,

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