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What I’m doing now (May 2022)


My kids are 15 and 17. We finished the school year strong! And we’re looking forward to summer, even if it looks a little busier than we might like. My daughter is working two jobs and spending time at the gym. My son is going to nationals in Forensics! Then off to debate camp for a couple of weeks. Both kids will mow at home and out on ‘The Farm’ for G’ma and Papa.


Last you heard I was in the middle of my semester as a long-term sub in a special education room at our high school. We’re done with the semester now. What a wild ride that was! Because we were so short staffed, it was pretty arduous. Many more teachers are retiring …


I discovered that I really love working with special needs kids. I’m going to teach summer school and do some soul-searching. I’ll also continue my work towards the Google UX Design Professional Certificate to see if that still holds my interest after the semester I just had.


I feel free and able to use my creativity in a much more expansive and useful way when working with non-mainstream kids. I think it may be where I belong. I also discovered that I am apparently pretty flexible and good at improvising  ; )


I still fantasize about opening a sewing school, or maybe an unofficial art therapy studio. We all need more of that these days.


Here’s one dilemma I face right now: I’m 56. How long will it take me to build something new? Would it be worth it for me to re-educate? I would really love to hear your ideas and feedback about this.


xx dbk