My kids are already 15 and 13. Even though they're becoming self-sufficient young people, these are very formative years in their lives. I’m striving to find flexible work that allows me to be there for them when they need me.


My main gig for the past few years has been as a Standardized Patient for the School of Pharmacy at the University of Kansas. My mom calls this my acting job–and I really love it! However, it’s not quite enough hours so …


I’ve been accepted to start working as an audio transcriptionist at Rev. This happened right before quarantine, so my onboarding has been stalled until the economy improves.


I’m increasingly focused on (obsessed with) illustration and surface pattern design and ways to earn extra income from these pursuits. I’ve recently had a design in my Spoonflower shop take off, so I feel like this can happen. The venues to sell online seem limitless! I’m trying to sort it all out.


I post almost daily on my “art” Instagram account @darcidoodlewent


I’ve been sewing a lot of face masks. If I catch up with local demand, I plan to put some in my long-neglected Etsy shop. I’m also sewing the kids some shorts for summer since shopping is not a great option right now. I’d love to sew myself a few summer things as well.


And …  just before quarantine, my husband announced that he wants a divorce. So, bad timing on his part. But also, I did not see this coming and am still processing ...

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Last updated May 3, 2020

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