What I’m doing now (July 2021)


Divorce is final!!!  So many humps gotten over, a few more to go. Changing my name back will be more than just a hump. The Social Security Office hasn't been open for in-person identification verification since March of 2020 ...


My kids are 14 and 16. Their summer has been a little disjointed with being pulled in different directions for vacations, trying to earn money, and various other pursuits. We're managing to enjoy ourselves nonetheless.


We are vaccinated but proceeding cautiously in light of the Delta variant––holding our breath ...


I’m working as a Millpath Specialist in the tooling department at Hallmark’s Lawrence Production Center. What is that you ask? I digitally prepare 3D renderings of dies for a carving mill. These dies press foil and emboss into the cards. 

      When my office is slow, I spend my time diving into the rich creative content on our Intranet. I'm putting myself through a self-guided Talent Development course, and poke around to see how the company is structured. One thing I always have is lots of ideas. I’ve been emailing some of them to a product development contact, so we'll see if I can't get myself back into a creative position.  ; )


And finally, as always, when I do get a chance to doodle or draw, the results inevitably end up on my instagram account. Please visit me @darcidoodlewent for the very latest thing I’m up to.  

xx ddw