What I’m doing now (March 2021)


My kids (14 and 16) are gearing up to go back into the schools. It’s gonna be interesting to start reentering the ‘real’ world. We’re all wondering what will have changed, what won’t have, and what lasting marks this pandemic will leave on us.


The Surprise Divorce is still not quite final, but some papers have been signed ...


Last you heard I was feeling lucky about finding a job at a good company–packing cards into boxes at the local Hallmark factory. WELL, can you believe that I have gotten even luckier?! A position opened up for a Millpath Specialist and I have the computer experience necessary for the job. Tada! Feels like a dream. So now I’m making 3D models of metal plates that get tooled by a machine and then used for pressing the foil and emboss into the pretty cards!


Turns out manufacturing is very interesting, and Hallmark is an amazing place to work. Maybe someday I will weasel my way into the Creative Department-– ; )


With my initial burst of energy after my X moved out, I finally crashed. No one could sustain the pace I was operating at. But I’m good; doing what I can every day, without going overboard. 


Inspired by episodes of Hoarders, I’m decluttering. It’s an excellent reminder to carefully consider each item you bring into your house, and each little thing you stash in the corner of a closet or cranny. You will put it off, but those things have to be dealt with some day. In the meantime, you’ll move them around and won’t be able to use the space they occupy. Too many things. There was a long line to make donations at the Goodwill last time I went. They surely send a lot of it to the dump.


And finally, when I do get a chance to draw, the results inevitably end up on my instagram account. Please visit me @darcidoodlewent for the very latest thing I’m up to.  xx ddw