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Darci Falin
Lives & works in Lawrence, KS

As you can see in my timeline to the right, I have held several kinds of art-related jobs. 


After I gave birth to my first child in 2004, the Professor of Entomology for whom I was working died suddenly of a stroke. This was terribly sad and also put an end to that job for me. At that point, I was pregnant with my second child, so I decided to be a stay-at-home mom for a while.


When I took time off to raise my small children, I had no idea how hard it would be to get back into the job market!

I have often been described as a free spirit. I guess I still am; but as I get older, I'm finding more self-confidence and focus. I'm doing the next thing that feels right, looking for opportunities, throwing things out in the world, and seeing what comes of it.

Please say Hi, send me comments, or let me know if you have a fun project you'd like to work on together!


1966  Born in Fort Wayne, Indiana


1984  Graduated from Naperville North High School (suburb of Chicago)

1984-1988  Majored in Painting at the University of Kansas


1986-1987  Study abroad at the Université de Nice, FRANCE

1988-1989  Cosmetology School at Pivot Point International headquarters in Chicago

1989-1994  In-house graphics and illustration for Pivot Point International

1996  Graduated from Columbia College Chicago with a BA in Photography

1996  Moved back to Lawrence, KS

1996-1997  Freelance illustration on a special interactive educational project for American Management Systems, Inc.

1997-2000  Design, illustration, and drafting for Star Signs, Inc.

2000-2001  Customer service representative (searching after a major life event)

2001-2005  Scientific Illustration for a professor of Entomology at the University of Kansas

2004-present  Mother (best job of my life!)

2010-2018  Intensive volunteering at the elementary school

2015-2017  I gave fitness instruction an personal training a shot  : )

2018-present  I work as part of a pool of  Standardized Patients for the School of Pharmacy at the University of Kansas

For my very most recent status, please see my Now Page