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Darci Kampschroeder
Lives & works in Lawrence, KS

As you can see in my timeline to the right, I've held a wide variety of creative jobs. 


When I took time off to raise my small children, I had no idea how hard it would be to get back into the job market!

After having been a long-term substitute teacher in Special Education for a little over a year, I discovered that I really enjoy working with special populations, and seem to have a knack for it. My experience in the schools translated well to the field of mental health, and I'm considering (at the age of 58) going back to school for a Masters in Social Work.

Feedback/advice alway welcome!

Have a great day,



1966  Born in Fort Wayne, Indiana


1984  Graduated from Naperville North High School (suburb of Chicago)

1984-1988  Majored in Painting at the University of Kansas


1986-1987  Study abroad at the Université de Nice, FRANCE

1988-1989  Cosmetology School at Pivot Point International headquarters in Chicago

1989-1994  In-house graphics and illustration for Pivot Point International

1996  Graduated from Columbia College Chicago with a BA in Photography

1996  Moved back to Lawrence, KS

1996-1997  Freelance illustration on a special interactive educational project for American Management Systems, Inc.

1997-2000  Design, illustration, and drafting for Star Signs, Inc.

2000-2001  Customer service representative (soul searching after a major life event)

2001-2005  Scientific Illustration for a professor of Entomology at the University of Kansas

2004-present  Mother (best job of my life!)

2010-2018  Intensive volunteering at the elementary school

2015-2017  I gave fitness instruction and personal training a shot 

2018-2020  Standardized Patient for the School of Pharmacy at the University of Kansas (loved this work!)

2020-2021  Millpath Specialist at Hallmark

2022-2023  Substitute teaching

2023 Behavioral Health Specialist at our local Community Mental Health Center

For my very most recent status, please see my Now Page

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